Now Available On Demand: Vertically Integrated Employment

Now Available On Demand: Vertically Integrated Employment

HireArt Co-Founders Discuss Common Challenges and Groundbreaking Solutions in Contingent Workforce Management

Companies that hire contract workers want two basic things: help finding the right talent and a third party to employ that talent. It sounds pretty simple at first glance, yet even today maintaining visibility and control are ongoing challenges that result in frustration, cost, and huge amounts of administrative work.

The need for a single and central system of truth is a common thread for all organizations that utilize a contingent workforce. While VMS, freelance management systems, Direct Sourcing, EOR, and other solutions have made great progress in the pursuit of achieving this goal, their dependence on staffing firms for the latest and most pertinent employment data causes them to ultimately fall short.

In this webinar, HireArt co-founders Nick Sedlet and Chris Brower discuss the concept of vertically integrated employment and how it’s helped companies build high performing contract workforce programs. When data lives in one place and has excellent software built around it, massive improvements in efficiency, value, and user satisfaction become possible. Learn more by watching our webinar, now available on demand.

In addition you’ll learn:

  • What happens when the system of record and the employer of record are combined under one roof
  • How vertical integration brought disruption to the taxi dispatch industry, and why it makes a perfect case study for contingent workforce management
  • Why massive shifts in workplace culture and available technology mean vertically integrated employment makes perfect sense right now