About HireArt

About HireArt
The HireArt team at the company-wide meeting summer 2022.

HireArt's purpose is to reinvent flexible employment by connecting workers and businesses and ensuring that they work together in a supported, productive, and happy way. We’re building an end-to-end platform to handle every part of the contract employment journey.

Our Mission

We’re fascinated by the complexity of the contract employment industry and the opportunity to positively reshape every piece of it - from hiring, to onboarding, to employment.

From our personal experience as employees and managers, and through our work at HireArt, we’ve developed a few core beliefs that motivate our mission and make us excited to work on it every day.

We want to create a world where contract workers don’t feel they’re navigating a vast ocean of sophisticated companies whose interests aren’t aligned with theirs. Where they can be guided to finding meaningful work and know that they have someone in their corner the entire time.

We want to create a world where employers can find, manage and foster talent with the push of a button. All the while knowing that their workers will receive the best treatment, and that HireArt supports every step in the process to help ensure that the employment relationship is happy and successful.

Work is how people spend at least 30% of their waking life. It’s how innovation happens, how goods and services get to the people who need them, and how important things get done. We believe that work, as it’s currently practiced, is only reaching a fraction of its potential in terms of letting people spend their days on positive collaborations and meaningful contributions. Our goal is to create a platform that unlocks the full potential of the working relationship.

Help Us Help Everyone

Interested in learning more about how we use software to improve flexible employment for our clients and contractors? Reach out to us via email, and we'll help any way we can!