Now Available: Understanding the VMS Landscape

Now Available: Understanding the VMS Landscape

HireArt White Paper Explores Current and Future Solutions for Contingent Workforce Management

Professional organizations have depended on contract workforces to scale operations quickly and drive strategic initiatives. Coordinating with several different agencies to fill a diverse set of roles represents a significant administrative challenge, which is why many organizations leverage vendor management systems (VMS) to support their contingent workforce management efforts.

VMS platforms wrangle data from disparate staffing firms into one place and automate processes around recruiting, hiring, and staff management. Overall, they are useful in helping client organizations fill roles faster, optimize their talent pools, and consolidate invoicing.

This white paper explores how VMS technology works in relation to the ecosystem of stakeholders within the contract workforce space. Without an adequate solution in place, contract workforce management represents a sizable administrative burden. Organizations hoping to preserve time and resources stand to benefit from the automated qualities of a modern platform. Download our white paper to learn more!

In addition you’ll learn:

  • The most prominent VMS solutions within the contingent workforce management space
  • The most common challenges when considering a workforce management solution
  • What the future holds for contract workforce management technology