Q&A: Why video interviewing?

Today I got an email from a frustrated applicant.

He wrote:

“I am not interested in a position that requires “video” communications.  I realize this may be very convenient and cost effective for HireArt, but it does not appeal to me at all.  While I certainly believe in technology,  I feel video  it goes too far and is very impersonal.”

I realize that this is the way quite a lot of people feel, so this is what I said to him. Not sure it’s sufficient, but hopefully a start.


I totally understand if you feel that it’s not personal. But to be honest, we actually started the company because we were so frustrated by the way employers treated candidates. For each job, recruiters get 500 resumes and spend 20 seconds per resume. Most candidates never even hear back. The whole paper-shuffling resume game where people try to maximize the number of keywords they put into their resume seemed absurd to us. So what we’re trying to do with HireArt is let candidates show who they actually are and explain their story. Employers are much more willing to engage in this format — I recently learned that a busy VP of Marketing was watching these videos on the train on his way home from work.

I totally understand if you don’t want to do it.  But our goal is to give candidates a chance to actually show who they are and what they can do versus just being a piece of paper.

Cheers and thanks again for the feedback


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