New at HireArt: Revamped Interface for Employers

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Today I’m happy to announce the release of a totally revamped employer interface. This batch of features is the culmination of almost two months of design, development,  and testing, with two overall goals:

  1. Organize and rework our existing features to make them easier to find and use.
  2. Give us room to implement the upcoming features in our development pipeline.

The motivation for #1 should be pretty clear. We want to make finding and hiring good candidates as easy as possible, which means being able to set-up and manage a job with minimal effort. Unfortunately, with our previous interface, we found that the more features we added, the more cluttered it became. New features should make things easier, but we were finding that the opposite was true!

Because we lacked a standard set of job-specific navigation links, we found ourselves cramming more and more features into drop-down menus.

To make discovery & navigation a bit easier, we took all of the features that were previously buried in menus (or missing altogether) and organized them into five major pages, now found under each job:

  1. Overview: Anything relating to a job at the high-level (e.g. charts, latest updates, etc)
  2. Candidates: The set of features involving actually finding, viewing, and ranking candidates.
  3. Job Posting: Anything related to managing the job’s “apply” page on our site, with the job description & requirements, as well as a link to the “apply” page itself.
  4. Interview: This is an entirely new feature which, for now, simply displays the interview questions that will be given to the job’s applicants. (We have more plans for this page.)
  5. Settings: Dedicated entirely to the nuts & bolts of your job. Want to change your monthly billing settings? Find that here. Want to give others access to your job? Manage your job’s team here as well.

This new tabbed navigation bar should hopefully make it much easier to get straight to what you need, with more clarity and in fewer clicks.

Perhaps the most exciting  part of this update is the fact that we now have more breathing room—literally more pixels on the site—in which we can add new features or enhance existing ones.

This interface is by no means “done.” We see it as an organizational template—a foundation for many of the updates we have in store. And we have plenty of exciting things planned, so stay tuned for more!

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