Just Launched! HireArt Sales Challenge

Fifty of the country’s top tech sales teams are hiring right now, and you have the chance to prove you belong. With the HireArt Sales Challenge, you complete one case study, and then these companies will start contacting you for on-site interviews. No cover letter, no phone screen–you get to skip all of that. If you really rock it, you can also win one of ten $100 Airbnb gift cards!

Your brief:
You are a sales associate at Perfect Payday, a startup that sells payroll technology to small businesses (read more about the company and the product). Your responsibilities include all stages of the sales process, from lead generation to closing deals.

The challenge consists of five questions, each of which revolves around a different scenario. These range from writing an email to a prospect to meeting with a potential customer and getting to power. Questions will also assess your ability to write concisely and speak clearly and professionally.

If you’re already a great salesperson, this challenge will be easy—you’ll be doing the same thing you do every day!

Here’s a full list of the participating employers to get you excited.

Good luck,

The HireArt Team

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