Introducing the HireArt mobile app: Browse and apply for jobs on the go

Nearly 20% of job seekers arrive at HireArt through a mobile device. And while it’s pretty easy to browse jobs on your phone, we know that responding to questions and completing interviews isn’t the smoothest experience if you’re in a mobile browser. That’s why we’ve spent the last five months developing the most comprehensive job application tool around. HireArt for iPhone is now available in the App Store!

HireArt’s core capabilities—finding jobs, completing video and work sample responses, and receiving updates on your application status—are still available through the app, but we’ve introduced some additional features to make the mobile experience more efficient and personalized.

Intelligent Recommendations

When you first download the HireArt app, we ask you a series of questions about your job search: What kind of job are you interested in? How much experience do you have in that area? Where do you want to work? Based on your answers, we find appropriate jobs on our site and share them with you. Not only do we filter our current listings, but anytime a new job opens that matches your criteria, we’ll send you a notification so you can check it out and decide for yourself.

Job Preferences

Save Jobs

Many job search apps make applying for jobs incredibly easy by letting you submit your resume at the click of a button, but sometimes it’s too easy. What if you’re not ready to apply yet? What if you’re intrigued by a job but want to consider it further when you’ve got more time? That’s when saving jobs comes in handy. With the HireArt app, you can browse the jobs we recommend, discard the ones that don’t appeal to you, and save those that you think have potential. These jobs are stored in your “In-Progress” list where you can access and complete applications at your own pace.

Your responses are also saved when you submit an application, so if another, similar job comes along, you can complete that application in no time, just like the Quick Apply roles on our web site.

Save Jobs


Stay on Track with your Search

A new feature we’ve introduced in the HireArt app is goal setting. A common workflow for job seekers is to buckle down one day, churn out some cover letters, submit their resume to a dozen places, and then wait for a response—any response—to come. That experience can be incredibly tedious and frustrating. In our experience, candidates who keep up a steady, on-going routine of browsing jobs and submitting applications see better results, not to mention, feel less frazzled and defeated by the whole situation.

When you get started on the app, we ask about the urgency of your search: Are you keeping your feelers out for the perfect job but don’t need one right away? Or is your rent due next week and you need a job asap? With that data, we outline a set of weekly goals to help you stay on track and not drop the ball just as you’re gaining momentum. We also send you push notifications to alert you when your application status changes.

Set Goals

Consistency between the web and mobile

We recognize that different devices have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of our users prefer to answer text questions on their computers because they find that a physical keyboard is more efficient for typing. Smart phones are great at creating videos though, and the recording process is even simpler and faster now through the mobile app.

Apps that are started on a phone are synced to candidates’ web dashboards so users have the flexibility to start, continue, and submit responses with whatever device is most convenient or comfortable to them.


We hope this app, and the new tools that come with it, make your process a little less frustrating and a lot more fruitful.

Download HireArt today on the App Store.


As always, we’d love to hear any feedback you have about the mobile app. Is it useful? Is there something we missed? How could it be better? Let us know at

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