HireArt 2.0

As of yesterday, we’ve rolled out a few new products and product updates that we hope will significantly improve both the candidate and employer experience. On the employer side, we have an entirely new product, which we hope will make HireArt’s recruiting services available to more companies. On the candidate side, we’ve made browsing and applying to jobs easier than ever, allowing candidates to reuse video answers and work samples.

For Employers

So far, HireArt had offered one product: a headhunting search style product powered by our video and work sample interviews and priced at 10% of the first year salary. While this product will continue to be offered, we realized many employers were looking for something that was more affordably priced and which offered some but not all of the elements of headhunting.

This new product does the same sourcing and selecting of candidates and is priced at $595. This will help our employers continue to receive only qualified applicants, while being charged a price that they can afford. The main difference between the new and the old product is that this new product does not offer the same high-level services such as additional screening, interview scheduling and 60-day guarantee offered by the headhunting product.

For Candidates

On the candidate side we have improved the job browsing and application experience. Our Browse jobs page now allows applicants to browse by category and location. If a candidate is logged in, the Browse jobs page will also identify what jobs they have already applied to and which ones they can “quick apply.”

The quick apply feature allows applicants who have already applied to openings on HireArt to reuse their video responses and work samples to apply to other positions. For eligible positions, all candidates have to do is submit one additional response, required by the employer. While this feature has been released for a while through a candidate newsletter, the update adds transparency for candidates about which positions they are eligible to apply.

To read more about our new releases, check out the Tech Crunch article that came out yesterday.

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