Get Hired & Give Back – Tracy Scollon

When you find a job with HireArt, you will also receive a $50 gift card to There, you can make a loan to a cause you believe in. That’s how “Get Hired & Give Back” works — you get to spread the good feeling of getting a job around the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to be featured on our blog and tell everyone about your new job and your loan.

This week we’ll hear about Tracy Scollon’s new job, and her loan.

How did you hear about HireArt?  

I discovered HireArt through LinkedIn.

How did HireArt set itself apart from other job­-seeking platforms?

The process is incredibly simple and streamlined.

Which job­-seeking challenges did HireArt help you overcome?

Most of it, really. I love that you screen potential employees a whole new way.  You take the mystery out of what happens when you submit your application.

Do you have any advice for new HireArt users?

Keep checking in at HireArt for new job posts. Look out for emails from HireArt, too. They will often send you links to jobs that are a good fit.

Tell us about your new job. What’s your role at 17hats?  

I was hired as an Ally Account Manager for the East Coast. I’m really excited about this position. I’ll be part of a team of virtual assistants for 17hats Ally users. There, I’ll be helping small businesses streamline and manage their business while they grow!

Why did you want to work there?  

I used 17hats to manage my photography business. They took care of contacts, email, quotes, questionnaires, invoices, etc. and I absolutely LOVED the software. I would rave to everyone about it!  

Who would have known that two years later I would happen to find a job posting from 17hats on HireArt!  I’m so happy they hired me, especially because I have been looking for a new job for five years!  This has been an amazing experience and I’m excited to get started!

How does it compare to your previous jobs?  

It’s COMPLETELY different. I’ll still be doing administrative work, but it will be in a very fun, organized, and positive work environment. I’m already loving all the people I’ve come in contact with and I haven’t even officially started yet.  I’m so thankful!

Tell us about your loan. What inspired you to contribute to this cause?

I love to help others in whatever way I can. I have a special place in my heart for Ecuador. I went there last year on a mission and absolutely love the country and the people. I think it’s cool that Kiva allows people to help others with loans responsibly — in a way that they can pay the loan back. I believe this helps preserve their independence, since it’s not a handout.

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