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When you find a job with HireArt, you will also receive a $50 gift card to There, you can make a loan to a cause you believe in. That’s how “Get Hired & Give Back” works — you get to spread the good feeling of getting a job around the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to be featured on our blog, and tell everyone about your new job and your loan.

This week we’ll be talking to Joanna Novelo.

How did you hear about HireArt?

I was looking for jobs through Craigslist and saw an opening for a position that looked like a good fit. They requested that I apply through the website, and that was my first time hearing about it.

How did HireArt set itself apart from other job­-seeking platforms?

Basically everything!

HireArt allowed me to package myself and continue selling that same package (since I’m still the same person) to each potential employer. No need to reinvent the wheel for each application.

I had worked with a career coach who told me that cover letters were irrelevant at this point, and that I shouldn’t waste time creating and customizing it since no one ever reads it. I had always been skeptical of this advice until I saw on your website that you guys don’t believe in cover letters.

I also love that I was able to give my application and resume live by videoing myself and responding to questions. That way, when they review my application, they get to know me better; I’m not just a name and a bunch of words on paper. They were able to hear the passion in my voice and get to know me. Other websites just have you upload a resume and wait. It’s like you just shoot your resume off to space and hope for the best. When you apply, you know exactly where you are in the process, and they do a great job of communicating with you about your status and what you need to do next.

Which job­-seeking challenges did HireArt help you overcome?

Direction: I knew where I stood and where I was going.

Simplicity: the app takes out the clutter and gets to what matters. Why ask twenty questions when five can get the job done? You guys get that. I didn’t apply for other jobs, but I could have since it was so easy.

Opportunity: I feel like employers are overburdened by how many applications they receive and I got lost in the pile. I knew I was qualified for some of the jobs I applied for, but I never got a call back. I feel like employers just take the first couple and choose from that just to save time. With HireArt, I knew someone took the time to look over my application and gave me the opportunity to interview for a job I know I’m a good fit for.

Saving time: It was just so easy to do the application. It’s the least amount of time that I’ve spent on any application, and what’s ironic is that it was for my dream job.

Do you have any advice for new HireArt users?

Never waste your time on any other site!

Also, when you are recording video, be sure that your background is formal and professional. Don’t film your videos on your couch. Sit in front of a nice backdrop. I went to Ross and got a nice picture of the Eiffel Tower and a little plant ($20 all together), and I think it made a huge difference. It showed that I made the effort. Never forget the details.

Tell us about your new job. What’s your role at 17hats?

I am an Account Manager. I help small businesses with following up on leads, sending out quotes and invoices, answering phone calls, and helping them run the daily tasks of their business so that the owner can get back to creating their magic.

Why did you want to work there?

Are you ready for this? I went to school for Small Business/Entrepreneurship. I also get to work from home. This was a huge plus for me. I had a hard time finding a job that would allow me to be flexible with picking up and dropping off my daughter at her school. Now I no longer have to worry about that because I create my own schedule. Is that a perfect fit or what?

How does it compare to your previous jobs?

Besides the fact that I get to use my degree, it’s something that I’m passionate about. I get to work one-on-one with amazing people who are sharing their vision with the world.

I love my team! I can’t say enough about how amazing my managers are. I’m so truly blessed!

Tell us about your donation. What inspired you to donate to this cause?

I donated to Suha in Palestine so that she can pay for her semester at university, and Hasan in Lebanon who is paying for his daughter’s tuition.

I believe that education can lift people up and allow them to change their lives. When people are willing to invest in themselves, they can do great things in this world and we all benefit from that.

Any other thoughts about your industry, or job-seeking, or HireArt?

Let’s just be honest: looking for a job sucks. It takes so much time, and I’ve been at this for a year (working odd jobs until I found the right job). I joined a group on LinkedIn for job seekers and it was the most depressing thing I’ve ever been a part of. Recruiters suck too! They are so smug and they act annoyed when you try to reach out to them (Isn’t it your job to help people find jobs?).

I actually respected my employer even more knowing that they used HireArt. At one point, I thought, “is anyone going to do something about this?” Why has someone not come up with a better way to find a job? And then there you guys were 🙂

HireArt, from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you!


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