Get Hired and Give Back – Wes Stecker

When you find a job with HireArt, you will also receive a $50 gift card to There, you can make a loan to a cause you believe in. That’s how “Get Hired & Give Back” works — you get to spread the good feeling of getting a job around the world. You’ll also have the opportunity to be featured on our blog, and tell everyone about your new job and your loan.

This week we’ll be talking to Wes Stecker.

How did you hear about HireArt?

I heard of HireArt from a friend who passed a job opportunity to me.

How did HireArt set itself apart from other job­-seeking platforms?

HireArt was incredibly helpful! The process of applying for a position couldn’t have been smoother. It was easy to submit my information, and the the constant feedback was great. Other job-seeking platforms I used are listing tools. HireArt makes you feel like you have a recruiter in your corner!

Which job­-seeking challenges did HireArt help you overcome?

HireArt did more than just list the postings of other companies — they actually recommended me to the hiring manager. It was very helpful to have a third party vouch for my abilities.

Do you have any advice for new HireArt users?

Another advantage HIreArt offers is that you get regular emails that suggest other positions you are a good fit for. Don’t just sit on the application you’ve filled out, take advantage of the other opportunities HireArt will send your way, too.

Tell us about your new job. What’s your role at Google?

I’m one of the Self-Driving Car Operators in Chandler, Arizona. I’m part of the team that tests the self-driving cars and communicates with engineers about improvements.

Why did you want to work there?

I’m thrilled to be a part of a team that’s trying to transform the world of transportation. I’m excited about the opportunity to make transportation safer as well as improve mobility for those who need help with it.

How does it compare to your previous jobs?

There’s nothing to compare this role to in any other job I’ve had. Literally, there has never been a job like this in the world. So, we’re breaking new ground to create a societal good. I’m excited about that opportunity.

Tell us about your donation. What inspired you to donate to this cause?

I chose to donate to a woman in Lebanon who is outfitting her own living room to teach young students. Having been a teacher myself, her desire to enhance the learning experience for her students and impact her community inspired me. I was glad to be able to meet the remaining amount needed to fully fund her project.

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  1. Kristina Kosmides said:

    Great story! I love hearing about the self driving cars that are inevitably our future, and about the teacher in Lebanon outfitting her own living room to be able to effectively teach. This is all life changing progress and positive growth! Bravo Hireart!

    August 2, 2016

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