A message from HireArt’s new CEO

Dear friends and stakeholders in HireArt,

HireArt’s co-founders, Elli and Nick, asked me to join HireArt as CEO and I am thrilled. The team is smart and passionate about making meaningful matches between job seekers and employers. They have worked hard to understand the pain points of employers and candidates, and have built a beautiful product that makes hiring easier and more efficient. I am humbled and honored to take on this new role and have high hopes for what we can accomplish as a team.

In coming into this new role, my biggest priority is making sure I connect with our users. I want to hear about your journeys; I want to understand what you love about HireArt and what we could be doing better. Ultimately, I want to understand why so many of us feel that the hiring process is broken and what we can do to improve it.

As we start a new phase together, I also want to share a bit about myself and my motivations and hopes.

I have always loved starting and running companies. I started my first company in 1990 and since then I have built and exited three start-ups. There were many lessons along the way, and as I look back on these experiences, I realize that improving hiring was the single most important success factor. While I made a lot of hiring mistakes early on, I later developed a thoughtful system that helped us attract, screen, and hire dozens of new employees.. I truly believe that the best predictor of a company’s success is their ability to hire and retain great people – it certainly was for my companies and for the other start-ups I mentor and coach.

After selling my last company, I decided I would work in HR Tech since I recognized that it was a field ripe for innovation. Serendipity struck when I was introduced to HireArt. I was so impressed that I invested in the company, and Elli and Nick further decided that it would make sense for me to join the team.

Hiring decisions can be fraught with risk, whether you’re hiring a CEO or anyone else. They needn’t be. My experience is that with an effective process, you can make good hiring and promotion decisions 90% of the time, rather than 50%[1] of the time — the norm for most US companies. Over the last few years HireArt has developed a set of technology-enabled best practices that have been used by hundreds of employers and hundreds of thousands of candidates. Our mission is to continue to strengthen our intellectual core, and to share the fruits of our efforts with any employer who wants to implement world-class hiring practices.

I’ve been with the company for eight weeks and I’ve learned a lot about the companies and candidates we serve. To build on that, over the next six weeks we’ll be shaping our strategic plan by interviewing candidates and employers, using their input to influence which markets to play in, how to position ourselves and how to shape our product.

In parallel with that, we’ll also be working hard to develop our customer service and business development activities. So our customers soon will be seeing more HireArt folks reaching out to better understand and serve their needs.

The journey with HireArt continues to be exciting, and I want to reiterate how much I am looking forward to supporting the team and our stakeholders as we grow together over the coming years.

I’d love to hear from you so please feel free to share your feedback here.


Chris Forbes

[1] G.H. Smart

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